The Islamic Peace Joke

Islam The Religion Of Peace

Islam The Religion Of Peace Seems To Have A Different Definition For Peace???

Islamic Peace Seems To Have Aspects Others Don’t Understand

Islamic Peace doesn’t represent what most non-Muslims consider to be Peace?

This page expresses the reality of why far too many individuals coming to this Religious Institution are having a hard time finding the Creator of Heaven and Earth!

The issues listed in this page speak to the integrity, credibility and morals of this Religious Institution!

Seriously, your eternal life is what’s at stake! Take matters into your own hands before trusting a group of people that have serious problems! Look, we all have problems and issues in our lives. But there is a difference between a car salesman and a honest car salesman.

You can take charge of your own Salvation and the best place to start from is doing the Torah Scroll / Schoolmaster Bible Study!

This page is a little tricky because I don’t understand Islam anywhere near as good as I should. But I do know that the new outlets are bombarding us with some of the most barbaric activities and we are being told that fanatical Muslims are the ones doing these acts of terror.

I personally know better than to accuse a whole group of people of crimes when it is an extremely small number of their people doing horrendous things.

I can personally confirm that certain factions of Islam have ways that non-Muslims consider to be improper.

Islamic Peace Should Be Properly Explained

When I served in the USAF I was stationed in England for 6 to 7 years. I went to Turkey on three different Temporary Duty Assignments!

Before we were allowed to go off base we had to have a briefing!

We were told to leave our Bibles on base! If we go off base and try to convert Muslims we will be arrested and most likely moved from jail to jail! They told us that we would mostly likely be basket cases by the time the base locates us!

The next thing we were told was Muslims can Lie to Infidels and it is not considered a sin! Since those briefings I have learned that there are three reason that Muslims can lie to infidels! The Base was doing their best to make sure we were safe off base!

The next thing we were told is if a Muslim can steel your possessions and not get caught it was Allah Blessing them!

The rest of those briefing are not needed for this discussion!

Ronald Reagan Bombed Libya with the Air Bases in England. The next year we went to Turkey and a small group of Muslims tried to get revenge on America! Well, there was a shootout with the Turkish Base Security and the terrorists. They displayed the dead bodies of the terrorists in the hanger next to our hanger.

Islamic Peace Can Be Understood If Presented Properly

I’m here to tell you Islam is nothing to joke about or mess with. There is two sides to every coin. Islamic Peace needs to be dealt with carefully!

This next issue I have with Islam is Female Circumcision! Every Muslim I talk to outright declares they do not do this! Well, someone is circumcising their girls!

Female Circumcision doesn’t seem to be in the Quran, which makes me ask, “Wasn’t Mohammad the last Prophet”?

Here is a good link to learn about this.

Now I will bring up Islam being the Religion Of Peace! If we are going to be told Islam is the Religion Of Peace it would be nice to not have thousands of Muslims marching in Chicago ( 16 May 2016) shouting Death To America! Someone prove this video is wrong, please!

It would also be nice to not see Hundreds of Muslims held back by the police in Dearborn Michigan! Back in June 2,012 A Muslim tried to run down Christians and the Christians exercised their Constitutional Rights and things escalated.

A religion of peace cannot use the excuse, “They offended us with the pig head” after the Muslim tried to run down 8 Christians!

Religion of Peace means Peace or does it mean Violence when we don’t get out way???

Islamic Peace Is Politically Active

The next major problem we have with Islam iIslam The Religion Of Peaces subversive activities that threaten the national security of America!

It takes 37 states to vote for a Constitutional Change! People do not just get to come in and replace the Constitution of the United States of America with a different Law!

To get those 37 States for a Constitutional Amendment one has to get the support of the citizens of those nations! Islam has to get busy converting Americans properly! That doesn’t mean converting prisoners! They have lost their right to vote! Islam needs to convert Voting Americans to Islam!

Its irrelevant American Muslims want Sharia over the Constitution!!

I’m going to explain something of a political nature!

Islam infiltrated the Black Community (in the 50’s and 60’s) by converting Black prisoners! We have seen several Black Americans rioting over the last 50 years. Thankfully it was never on a large enough scale to justify Martial Law on a National level!

Islamic Peace Will Look More Like Violence At This Pace

The next thing that stands out in my mind is in 2006 hundreds of thousands of Illegal Hispanics were protesting in America for their Constitutional Rights! It was truly bizarre!

My point is these illegal immigrants weren’t wanting to be violent either.

Now the American Government is shipping in a massive amount of Muslims. One might conclude the Government was unable to get Black Americans and the Illegals to start a civil war to justify Martial Law!

Now we have a new so called terrorist attack every other month and we are told Muslims are the ones killing people!

I would have you ask this question! Why is Europe and America taking in millions of Muslims when the Middle East Nations are refusing to take in a single Muslim (so called) refugee?

I personally believe its 100% related to population control! The days of World War II style Warfare is over! If there was a sure fire way to throw Nuclear Weapons around a World War is the way to do it!

They can’t risk a limited war remaining conventional because someone will use the nukes! The next problem is the population!

So they are shipping in large numbers of Muslims hoping to trim down the populations by getting 40 million of us to kill each other.

Black Americans, The Hispanic Immigrants and the Muslim populations in America and Europe are all responding like they were told something that doesn’t correspond to reality?

The real point to this post is to once again state that we need to find the Creator of Heaven and Earth by ourselves if all we can find is religious organizations that present real problems to the general public!

Islamic Peace Seems To Have Aspects Others Don't Understand
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Islamic Peace Seems To Have Aspects Others Don't Understand
Islamic Peace Seems To Have Aspects Others Don't Understand. Islamic Peace doesn't represent what most non-Muslims consider to be Peace?
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