Month: June 2019

A C Register Account Page

A C Register Account image designed to help make the Registration Process easier. It also incorporates this Social Networks Standards of conduct.

Please debate is needed DEBATE with RESPECT!

A C Register Account

A C Register Account has an image designed to help make the Registration Process easier.

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Americans Connected Episode One Links

Episode One is in the can.

The following information and links are meant to be used with Episode 1 of ‘Americans Connected’ podcast.

Truck Driving Pay Scale And Driving School Costs

1. $40,000 a year

2. Private Companies like Walmart $73,000 a year.

How much will it cost to get a CDL-A?

1. $3,000 – $7,000

2. Grants and Loans, Federal and State are available.


A. $225 down, LOL


A. You are going to get ripped off if you ain’t careful.

Upon Driver School Completion

1. The school will set you up with a company.

A. Basically, do it!

2. Before you go to a Driving School have a Company near you ready to hire you!


Linux vr Windows

How much does a Certified Linux Administrator make?

Links to get it done!


How can you become a C L A, on your own for under $200?

1. Get a older computer with 4 to (hopefully) 8 gig of RAM and 500 Gig Hard Drive.

2. Do a Dual Boot Installation with Ubuntu 18 and CentOS 7/8!

NOTE: You can’t do anything without a properly set up computer!

3. Sign up for a $10 to $200 C L A Udemy Course. Now they are mostly $10 to $15 a course!

4. Purchase the ‘Linux Bible’ from Barnes and Noble, on-line or in the store.

5. Watch and do the complete RHEL Youtube Course.

6. When ready take the Certification Test go to this website.

There is at least FOUR different Bibles in the Earth today!

There was and still is two groups when it comes to the Books of the Bible.

1. Homologoumena wanted all the Books left in.

2. Antilegomena wanted some books removed.

Thank you for watching Episode One of Americans Connected’s Podcast!

Let’s Analyze the Bible by the number of words and books in the K J V!

I analysed the K J V based on the site that has 783,137 words in the K J V.

Other sourse say there is 788,280 words in the K J V.

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