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A C Register Account Page

A C Register Account image designed to help make the Registration Process easier. It also incorporates this Social Networks Standards of conduct.

Please debate is needed DEBATE with RESPECT!

A C Register Account

A C Register Account has an image designed to help make the Registration Process easier.

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A Free Social Network Shouldn’t Require A College Education

A Free Social Network Doesn't Come With Strings Attached

A Free Social Network Doesn’t Come With Strings Attached!

A Free Social Network Shouldn’t Come With String’s Attached!

This Post is simply an example of extreme manipulation!

There are definitely aspects of Facebook that I like! There are also aspects that I dislike!

When an Individual or Company comes along and offers the community something FREE everyone understands that “Nothing is Free”!

But I don’t believe I have ever seen anyone or a Company come along and offer a FREE Service like Facebook only to implement specific policies designed to alienate whole segments of the WORLD, like the people with Jewish and Christian Beliefs!

It’s one thing for Facebook’s foundation to have been based on Sex! But it’s a completely different issue when Facebook opened memberships up to 13 year olds and the Porn went off the Charts!

All of that still wasn’t enough to convince someone to start a Social Network based on Sanity???

Now I would like to talk about the Screen Shot I took of my Monitor! It’s straight forward!

Look at how complicated Facebook is! I dare say 3% of the world knows how to use 50% of the options Facebook offers!

A Free Social Network Shouldn’t Come With String’s Attached!

Seriously, this FREE Social Network was not designed as a FREE Service to the Public!

You think I’m wrong, go to the “TERMS” portion of the Facebook Contract you agreed to!

You will not be able to make heads or tales out of that mess!

What all of us have done is to literally figure out the Facebook options we like! Then we have conditioned ourselves to ignore all the rest, as best we can!

It’s my theory that Facebook was designed to overload our thinking with to many options! Seriously, when you are deep in thought, reading a post, the screen resets and puts up the next 7 posts! Then you have to scroll down to re-establish your train of thought!

I agree, there isn’t much we can do with all us studs that act like maniacs while on-line!

But, it’s my theory that we should have a simple Social Network that is SIMPLE!!!

We need a Social Network that isn’t designed to completely mess with our heads every 5 minutes!

Every 3 to 6 months Facebook rewrites the “Terms Of Use” and every one freaks out over the Privacy issue changes?

Again, take a good look at my Screen Shot of the Browser opened to Facebook! If my Simple Social Network isn’t any good then I’m begging you, put one out that is Simple and better than mine!

Remember, the Social Network needs to be Simple and designed so it doesn’t break the attention of the Members!

It also needs to eliminate Pop-Ups, Targeted Advertising and Tracking one’s Internet Searches for Corporate Greed!

A real Social Network needs to be made and we all know it!

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