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      Joining “Americans Connected Standards” means the Members agree to the following Standards! These Standards will be modified as required! Membership in this Group is Mandatory! Joining the Group means you agree with the standards. “Americans Connected” is a Family Friendly Social Network! This is the only thing that matters! All Content Posted by Members will be appropriate for All Ages! If 5 (five) year old Children shouldn’t see your posts the posts do not belong on the ‘Site-Wide Activity’ Page! All Members will post an accurate Profile. We would like you to include a Photo of yourself. All members will Respect fellow Members! All posts, video links and Memes will be in ENGLISH! There is no debate! We will be able to understand each other! There will be no Sexual Content Posted! There are ways to discuss sensitive subjects. Again, the rule of thumb is, if children shouldn’t see the content it does not belong on the Site-Wide Activity page. The rule is, “18 and over”! If a person has to be 18 or older to take part in the content of your Posts, your posts will not be allowed. As Facebook has become insane we understand Americans Connected has to be a nice Internet Home for all Americans. We understand that people are religious, not religious, agnostic and so on. Some people talk like sailors. Every other word is the F-Bomb! Others communicate like Saints! Its impractical to think in terms of allowing 75 Groups that are all for each topic. The Bandwidth would be tremendous with 75 Ford Pinto Groups with 300 members each. So let’s assume someone wants to Admin a Biker’s Group with Adult Language (Not Adult Content). We have to limit the number of Bikers Group to 3, to start with. Once we figure things out we will up that number or charge a monthly fee for Groups! Another feature we are offering is Forums in Groups. But after Americans Connected has reached its sponsored numbers of Topical Groups (like Bikers Groups) we will have to charge a monthly fee for new Groups wishing to have a Forum. The Private Groups are the place where our fellow Americans talk their way. These Private Groups are where the F-Bomb and A** Hole Bombs can be dropped! No threats or intimidation to others! The Public and Private Groups are for Religious, Political and other debates! Use the Groups to organize. Americans Connected is a private organization and membership is based on America’s Constitution. Americans Connected Groups will not be used to organize People for the purpose of restricting the Constitutional Rights of Americans! Before suggesting a New Group we ask that you look through the existing Groups! Your suggestion may be a Group that exists? The same goes for Forum Topics? Any group that turns a group into a dating Group, a anti-American Constitutional Group, Marijuana Group and so on with end with all members being permantly banned from Americans Connected! Americans Connected is not here to promote Business Opportunities. We have other websites for that! Members sneaking Links in will be banned. We have developed a method through Profiles that Link entrepreneurial member profiles to our “Americans Connected Businesses” Site. Please study our process to grasp what we are offering. Marketing Costs are insane, and we have developed a platform to overcome some of that insanity. Those entrepreneurs that subscribe to “Americans Connected Businesses” will have a Entrepreneur Icon on their “Americans Connected” Profile Pic! This will be an indication for Americans Connected members to check out entrepreneur members on “Americans Connected Businesses”! This is how entrepreneurs will drive traffic to their “Americans Connected Businesses” Profile! Yes, “Americans Connected Businesses” is a Subscription Website based on membership levels. Successful entrepreneurs/on-line businesses are who will fund the “Americans Connected” Social Network, and it will be affordable! Administrators are not going to spend time approving Links to Other Entities of any kind! Approving Posts would require Membership Fees for the Social Network. Administrators detecting illegal activity, of any kind will report it to Americans Connected, and we will report it to the appropriate Authorities! There is no 3 strikes and you’re out! When the Administrators decide enough is enough they will present their reasons to us, and we will ban those Members that treat this Social Network (and it’s Members) like they are on Facebook or Craig’s List! We believe everyone understands the Meaning and Spirit and Intent of this Social Network’s Standards! Please stay with Facebook if these Standards are too much for you.
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    • We Reject Racism
      There isn't any of us that believes Racism doesn't exist! We have all heard the stupid Cliches!!! cli·ché klēˈSHā/ noun noun: cliché; plural noun: clichés; noun: cliche; plural noun: cliches 1. a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought. "the old cliché “one man's meat is another man's poison.”" synonyms: platitude, hackneyed phrase, commonplace, banality, old saying, maxim, truism, stock phrase, trite phrase; old chestnut "a good speechwriter will steer clear of clichés" a very predictable or unoriginal thing or person. "each building is a mishmash of tired clichés" 2. Printing British a stereotype or electrotype. Just look at that definition! Cliches like, There's Racists in all Races is so blatantly obvious that even saying it is an insult to people with 3 brain cells left! I have not seen a racist 3 year old yet! Then those I know that don't like me because I'm White, well, every now and then they slip up and they become that 3 year old! It's only for a few seconds but it happens! Its now our job to help each other find that attitude 3 year old children have!
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