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Site Navigation Tutorials

Site Navigational Tutorials are needed to simplify a new website’s introduction. Americans Connected is happy to announce this Social Network is up and running. We are also pleased to let you know you can register for your FREE account!

The following video tutorials are designed to help you learn the site Navigation as quickly as possible.

Site Navigation Tutorials can simplify a Social Network’s layout. Most websites are tricky to grasp. To this day I haven’t seen one that offers straight forward site navigation tutorials.  Especially tricky is if the site leaves trial and error as the method to grasp the its operation.

I personally believe Facebook is an extremely complicated Social Network. Of all the websites we have all gone to the site owner has put their own touch of style into the look. The page tabs and tab menus are all organized differently. The page layouts are as different as our fingerprints!

Well, this Social Network is no different.

I personally love the idea of simplicity. But, my idea of simplicity is just as complicated as Facebook’s. I plan on approaching the problem a little different than Facebook.

I have put these video tutorials together, hoping they will be more than enough to walk the curious and site members through the process of ‘getting it’ without the need for trial and error!

Site Navigation Tutorials will help us learn Americans Connected!

Americans Connected is looking for REAL Partners, possible funding sources, Admins and so on! When I say REAL Partners I mean partners that are looking to do a real business. I have had so many get rich quick/scam other for a buck types that I have had no other option that to press on alone. To this day I have not been able to find REAL investors. As far as Admins go, I think that will be easier to find once a real Social Network like Americans Connected is up and running.

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