Back Doors Are Not Vulnerabilities

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Back Doors And Vulnerabilities Are Two Different Things!

Back Doors And Vulnerabilities Are Two Different Things! You can Trust Linux.

Back Doors and Vulnerabilities are two different things. In my opinion this kind of issue is what is called Back Doors. It allows Linux, Microsoft, the FBI, The NSA, The CIA, KGB and other Government agencies to access any system they deem necessary!
There are groups like this Qualys who have people look for these Back Doors.

The anti-Linux Industry calls these Back Doors vulnerabilities that allow people to hack your system. This way they deny these Back Doors exist in your System. If they admit they are Back Doors they have to admit Microsoft and MAC have Back Doors as well.
The really classy move this article does is to make SUDO sound like the worst thing we can do. SUDO is an industry standard!

Remember the movie Matthew Broderick did? It was called War Games. The Back Door to get into NORAD’s Computers was the word JOSHUA! Then Matthew was able to play Global Thermal Nuclear War!
There was another so called vulnerability where a hacker could press the ENTER key 70 times (or 30) and the door is open.

Those of us using Ubuntu on a Linux System are not the targets of these people trying to identify the Back Doors in LINUX! The Hackers want access to NASA’s or General Motor’s Main Frames!!! Generally speaking, hackers don’t care about the Main Street Pizza Shop or my Hard Drive!

If I was to make an educated guess I would say the people trying to find these Back Doors are trying to Make Linux look bad or they are trying to make Linux close these Back Doors so we have privacy.

Seriously, these Vulnerabilities are so sophisticated. The amount of work people are expending to find these vulnerabilities prove they are by design.

Back Doors And Vulnerabilities Do Not Mean You Will Be Hacked!

They make these Back Door discoveries sound like the most horrendous issue there ever was and the ultimate goal is to drive LINUX users back into the Arms of Microsoft! That is the place to look when you want to see who is trashing LINUX.

Here’s a secret, Microsoft has given up on trying to STOP computer ATTACKS. They fix the issues after the attack.

If Godaddy’s Linux Servers are Hacked the many back up servers should insure your website’s integrity will be restored. If the worst case scenario happens there is the Back-Ups we are meant to maintain!

The thing that surprises me is Red Hat Enterprise was affected! When people are paying for a yearly license agreement I expect they should actually have a right to on-line privacy!

But when you look at the list of Linux Operating Systems affected by this Back Door you can’t help but see they are all FREE Operating Systems, except for Red Hat. Does anyone actually believe Ubuntu is not using us as the Target for Hackers. Then when an Ubuntu system is hacked MAC can secure a Vulnerability in Apple Systems.

I will continue to use Linux simply because the patch for this issue was released long before this article was released.

The real important factor related to this so called vulnerability and the “Press The Enter Key 70 Times” vulnerability is not a single report seems to have been made that Hackers gained access to someone’s system using these Hacks. These Hacks were discovered and presented to Linux. Then Linux immediately fixed the issues!

Back Doors May Mean Someone Is Watching Our Computers

This kind of Back Door security issues is not proof Linux is less secure than Microsoft!!!
What these revelations are is Linux is much more secure than Microsoft!
is the last time you saw a report of Microsoft and Mac being Hacked??? It happens regularly!

The excuse “Linux isn’t Hacked like Microsoft is because the Hackers are going where the most people are” and I think that is a load of something.
The Corporate World is where the Linux People are, and we still don’t hear of Hacks.
What we do hear about is Linux Vulnerabilities being found!
Seriously, when we hear of Microsoft problems we hear of serious Hacks.
When we hear of Linux issues its vulnerabilities, not Back Doors!!! Big, Huge differences!

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Back Doors Are Not Vulnerabilities
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Back Doors Are Not Vulnerabilities
When we hear of Microsoft problems we hear of serious Hacks. When we hear of Linux issues its vulnerabilities, not Back Doors!!! Big, Huge differences!
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