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When the average person gets through the steps setting up a Linux Computer they have problems and issues we all have had. So generally speaking Google searches are where new Linux Users start to look for solutions to the inevitable problems we all encounter.
In many cases those Google Search results will send them to Linux Forums. Its the Forums we are concerned with.
Linux declares the Linux Community offer help for Free! And this is True. But that Free on-line support from the Linux Community isn’t quite as user friendly as one might think?
Generally speaking I have found that many of the individuals in the Linux Forums are JERKS that have a “I’m a super genius” complex and “You are a moron”!
Many of these Super Geniuses are proud to be atheists. They also have no problem letting people of Faith no that they are not welcome as Linux users!
I have seen so many Forum solutions that are given to people and the next thing you read is something like, “I did what you said and my system is now worse than before”! Then the super genius replies with, “what kernel number are you using?”
The conspiracy theory that I have developed states that many of the people offering help in the Linux Forums are really individuals that promote Windows Operating Systems. Yep, they are intentionally telling people to do this or that knowing the people will end up with worse problems, thus driving them back to Windows!
What’s really awesome is when you find a solution in a Linux Forum that seems to be the answer you are looking for and you do what it says only to find that it didn’t work, and then you realize you are using a post that’s 8 years old and 6 distributions ago! So you sit there and ponder why Ubuntu has that Post on the site? But it is our fault for not reading the post more carefully.
Then, every now and then along comes an individual that give the solution to a person’s problem without three pages of Command line inputs.
So, with that said, let’s delve into the wonderful world of the Linux Community!

Online Free Support Is A Hassle

Online Free Support Is A Good Place To Start
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Online Free Support is a contradiction in terms! Every Linux Book that I have starts off with “A Previous Knowledge Of Linux Is Not Needed”. So now I’m thinking Great, this book (or online Linux course) is going to allow me to teach myself Linux. Ya, right! Then before I get to the 3rd page…

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