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Linux Verses Windows is an interesting argument

While it’s true only 2% of Desktop users are using Linux, it’s also true that 62% of Cell Phones use Android, which is Linux!
Linux has a large portion of the Tablet Market as well.
More Corporations are converting to Linux Enterprise Operating Systems. By 2017 America expects to see a 17% increase in Corporate use of Linux Enterprise Operating Systems.
There is a good reason why Linux will start taking over large portions of the Desktop Market as well.

Back Doors Are Not Vulnerabilities

Back Doors And Vulnerabilities Are Two Different Things!
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Back Doors and Vulnerabilities are two different things. In my opinion this kind of issue is what is called Back Doors. It allows Linux, Microsoft, the FBI, The NSA, The CIA, KGB and other Government agencies to access any system they deem necessary! There are groups like this Qualys who have people look for these…

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An End User License Agreement Is Not Ethical

End User License Agreement: EULA
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The End User License Agreement just did a number on, what I thought was my computer equipment! This MAXIMUMPC article (As usual these Fine Companies Break The Links by changing  the articles because someone doesn’t want others reading the material) does a pretty good job explaining what is most likely happening when people blink and next thing…

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Ubuntu 14.04.3 lts makes your computer great

Ubuntu 14.04.3 lts makes your computer great.
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Ubuntu 14.04.3 lts is one of the most remarkable computer operating systems! You will not believe the capabilities until you take the plunge! When I first loaded Ubuntu onto my computer it took a month to condition myself to Linux. We can also say, “un-condition” myself from Windows! Then one day I realized I was…

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