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The Ubuntu Software Center Has The Software You Need
The Ubuntu Software Center has several categories of applications (software) to choose from! Withing each of these categories are hundreds of programs to choose from! If I was to take a stab at the how many of the applications you’ll have to pay for I would say you will pay for 2% tops. That’s right, 98 to 99% of all the software located in the Ubuntu Software Center is free!
I dare say you are thinking something like, “You get what you pay for” or “Nothing is Free”!
Well, in this single instance you would be a little to cautious! Thousands of applications are free and they work.
Some of the software programs are pretty complicated. I would say 25% of the software packages I have installed have bad or no user manuals.
But to this day all the software has worked!
I would like to suggest that when you actually try some of the applications found in the Ubuntu Software Center you will have issues! Do not give up. You will do a Google Search and find the top results declare the software does not work. It all works.

Ubuntu makes the difference for Americans

Ubuntu can change your life for the good!
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Ubuntu can be tricky to explain. The simplest way to describe Linux and Ubuntu 14.04.3 lts is “a treasure hidden in plane sight”! 98% of Americans use Windows and Mac on the computers leaving 2% of the desktop market for Linux! Most Americans accept that 62% of cell phones are Android. But they don’t understand…

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