An End User License Agreement Is Not Ethical

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End User License Agreement: EULA

End User License Agreement: EULA

The End User License Agreement just did a number on, what I thought was my computer equipment! This MAXIMUMPC article (As usual these Fine Companies Break The Links by changing  the articles because someone doesn’t want others reading the material) does a pretty good job explaining what is most likely happening when people blink and next thing they know Windows 10 is Installing on their Computer!

The problem I have with this article is it is clearly written in a manner that blames us stupid hicks for not understanding Microsoft and their “what’s in our best interest” attitude when it comes to our computers! Remember, that stinking End User License Agreement is literally forced on us. Taking part in the Microsoft (and Facebook) community is called, “Signed Under Duress”!

Have you ever heard that ignorance of the Law is not an excuse?

Just try building something like a website. Out of nowhere you’ll find out that you have to literally learn 50 separate skills. Each new skill a new aspect to building websites. Far to many companies are capitalizing on turning the buck from your pocket to theirs. It doesn’t matter to them that 80% of their clients will never find the time to complete their projects properly. This wouldn’t be bad if the Web Hosting companies were up front. They forget to tell us it will take you 40 hours to build a site while learning SEO is a rough!

The End User License Agreement And Windows

South Park mocked the EULA. The show, Humancentipad literally had Kyle simply clicking “YES” on the End User License Agreement. Kyle refused to read any of the EULA’s. As a result it ended with Kyle and two other people having horrible things done to them. lol This happened because they didn’t read the End User License Agreement.

Here’s the next problem when it comes to reading the End User License Agreement.

Look up Facebook’s End User License Agreement! No one on planet Earth can possibly read that monstrosity! The last time I looked at it I would say there is / was over 1,000 pages. On each page was 10 links to a different page. So when you read page 1 you would have to visit 5 to 10 linked pages before you could read page 2.

This is where Microsoft has us when it comes to issue like Windows 10. Simply installing a whole New Operating System on your Computer makes you violate the EULA!

No one in their right mind would accept a Operating System Upgrade (Free or Paid) as standard operating procedures because you have the UPDATES set to AUTOMATIC!

When it comes to Linux you can not accidentally UPGRADE from one Operating System to another!

You can’t even do this by setting your system to automatically UPDATE your system for you!

Using Linux a person uses the UPDATE, UPGRADE and DIST-UPGRADE Commands and the Distribution (Operating System) is Updated and not REPLACED!

Linux And The End User License Agreement Is Much Simpler

Seriously folks, the only real solution to insuring you control your computer is to make the switch to Linux!

Yes, it is a hassle using the command line terminal. But it is also awesome to learn a real skill. In reality it is not that bad or complicated!

Another option is to set your Linux Operating System up to Update your system automatically. This way you won’t even use the command line terminal!

It doesn’t matter if you use Ubuntu, Fedora, centOS, openSUSE or Zorin. Your computer and operating system will remain under your control as long as you have properly encrypted your system!

An End User License Agreement should not require a college degree. The End User License Agreement is not in your best interest!

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An End User License Agreement Is Not Ethical
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An End User License Agreement Is Not Ethical
When an End User License Agreement requires a college degree you can be assured the End User License Agreement is not in your best interest!
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