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Linux Is High Paying Jobs

Linux Is High Paying Jobs

High Paying Jobs The Linux Workshop way! Basically High Paying jobs is the name of the game when it comes to providing for yourself and family! Therefore, the first thing we want you to do is a Google Search for “Certified Linux Administrators salary”. Then research Certified Linux Administrator jobs in your area! Americans Connected Inc has made it our mission to help fellow Americans find quality work! Unfortunately the solution to this task has been in front of Americans for 20 years. Its been in plain view. This is why 98% of America has missed it, as they were looking right at it!

The website name gives away the solution to the problem of finding High Paying Jobs!

Linux allows you to develop highly marketable skills for next to nothing. That’s right, we are making it as clear as we can by saying you can develop highly marketable skills for well under $1,000! For the creative it can be done for under $300!

The Linux Workshop and our website will show you how!

Companies like Liquid Web (Lansing Michigan), hospitals, factories and Publishing Houses are using Linux based Enterprise Operating Systems to run their computers! They are doing this because Linux is awesome when it comes to security! These companies need for certified Linux administrators big time.

Also, you need to follow our advice because in no time you will understand the opportunity we are presenting. You will also understand that this opportunity depends on you to bring it into reality! We are here to help you set up your computer and you must do the rest!

To learn more click on these Links. Learn what Linux Is Offering you! On The Linux Demonstration Videos page scroll down and watch the Demonstration videos that are sure peek your curiousity.

This means the demand for Linux Certified Administrators is about to explode!

The main problem with Linux is people believe they have never heard about it! The fact is Android phones are Linux and that means 62% (plus) of cell Phones are Linux! A large portion of Tablets are also Android!

Once you dive into the possibilities offered by Linux you will quickly see that you can go in any number of directions!

The goal is to help you install Two Linux Operating Systems on your computer. This way you will be able to start the process of learning Linux by taking Two Self Paced Linux Courses! You may want to install openSUSE on your system as well?

We are here to help you use and learn Ubuntu and centOS-7. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the Paid version of centOS-7.

Edx.org will Introduce you to Linux with a Free course. The Self Paced Certified Linux Administrator’s Course will cost you $500 and can be found at The Linux Foundation! Earlier I said those that are creative can get this done for much less money.

Your computer and Internet connection is an expense you will also have to cover!

Consequently, not having a Computer is a minor issue. I regularly buy used computers from Michigan State University for $90 to $250! Furthermore, these systems are excellent and new enough to handle anything Linux throws at me! In addition, these systems come with 2 to 4 Gig of Ram, a 250 to 500 Gig Hard Drive, a working DVD player, a key board, mouse and monitor! Needless to say, you have some type of a Surplus center near you. Creativity is the key.

Finding High Paying Jobs The Linux Workshop way

The two courses can be done in two to three months if you are serious about developing a highly marketable skill! Hence, with a $50 a month Internet connection you should be set up for the first month for around $150! As you can see we are well under $1,000! Please keep in mind, I do not believe these courses will get you ready to take the Certification Tests!

The self paced Certified Linux Administrator Course is the biggest expense you are looking at and that is $500! Needless to say, I have seen The Linux Foundation regularly offer the Certified Linux Administrator’s Course for $300 and even $150! Therefore, as you take the self paced Introduction to Linux Course do not sign up for the Certified Linux Administrator’s Course until they offer you a deal. Also, be sure to complete the Introduction To Linux Course. I’m betting you can become a Certified Linux Administrator for $500 to $700!

There is a few other steps you will have to learn and this will add an additional $35 to $50 a month to your expenses! You have to learn how to operate the LAMP, maybe learn WordPress and so on.

Please look through the website and learn more about The Linux Workshop!

In addition, if you have never seen or heard about installing a Linux Distribution on your computer please join the Linux Workshop by paying the one time fee. Consequently, this will give you full access to the Linux Distribution Installation Videos, The Linux Workshop Forum and the Groups!

Please keep in mind, we are working on filling the website up with straight forward Linux Truths!

In conclusion, there is one thing that is for certain. The doors that Linux open will amaze you!

Americans Connected Inc


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Finding High Paying Jobs The Linux Workshop way
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Finding High Paying Jobs The Linux Workshop way
High Paying jobs is the name of the game when it comes to providing for yourself and family! We have made it our mission to help Americans find quality work
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