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Lansing’s Linux Workshop Makes Linux Easier!

Lansing’s Linux Workshop And Linux

The Lansing Michigan Linux Workshop promotes Linux. Linux is the foundation that computer operating systems like Ubuntu, centOS and openSUSE run on. Therefore, Linux is much more than a viable option to Windows and Mac! Even more impressive is the vast majority of Linux software is 100% FREE! Needless to say, Linux operates 62% of smart phones. Android phones and Tablets are Linux! Linux currently holds 2% of the desktop market and its our goal to make that number much higher!

What does Linux mean for you?

  • Certified Linux Administrators can earn $60,000 to $100,000 a year! Here in Lansing I’ve seen Liquid Web pay $17.45 an hour for entry level positions.
  • Have you ever thought about doing high tech hobbies that requires computer technology? Installing a Linux based distribution on your computer will allow you to take up those hobbies for FREE.

With programs like Blender, Synfig and Papagayo you can make 2 and 3D Animations with Lip-sync. Additionally, with applications like Audacity and Rosegarder you can make high quality music using guitars, harmonicas and keyboards! Using Gimp (Photoshop equivalent) and LibreOffice (Microsoft Word equivalent) you can make Graphics and Art for your video and animation projects!
In addition, I use Kdenlive for capturing Camcorder video footage on my computer and Kdenlive and Pitivi for editing my videos. I also use a program called RecordMyDesktop to record my desktop. It has a high quality audio record feature that works with the mic. These recordings can be rendered into avi (and many other) formats and added to your video projects.

We Host A FREE Linux Demonstration

For those that would like to see a pretty awesome demonstration of Ubuntu and 10 or so (software) Applications please Contact Us to schedule you and your guests! Unfortunately we only have room for 20 visitors (or so). The Demonstration goes through the process of making a short (3 to 5 minute) video. Our video will have background music made on the spot. We also made a 13 second animation with lip-synced speaking.

Once the video is complete we will load it up on youtube and post the link on Facebook and play it from Facebook! Also, I have put together two demonstration videos and they can be seen at this link, Linux Demonstration Videos. I made both of these videos using the Ubuntu operating system and all the Linux software I mentioned earlier.

For those using Windows and Mac you will pay a minimum of $920 for the equivalent software to make these two demonstration videos. If you are the type of person that wants the best money can buy you will pay $9,300 for the software. I made these two videos using Linux and I did it for FREE!!! I also used Papagayo in Windows XP, inside a Virtual Box.

Linux May Be The Career Move For You!

For those individuals that would like to look into a career change the Linux Workshop walks individuals through two complete Linux installations on their personal computers. Our workshop completes the process of getting you ready to take two self paced on-line Linux courses!
You will need Ubuntu, openSUSE and centOS running on your computer to properly take the following self paced courses!
The Introduction to Linux ( course is FREE!

  • The Certified Linux Administrator’s Course ( costs $500!
  • A computer running a Linux operating system (Ubuntu) is the first step to developing a Marketable Skill to land a higher paying job!

We offer two Linux Workshops.

  • The Ubuntu Workshop sets a person up to be able to immediately begin High Tech Hobbies. It also prepares people to begin the process of becoming a Certified Linux Administrator.
  • We host a Workshop that walks Penguins through the process of setting up a Godaddy Hosting Account. We then install the WordPress Module and build a website.

The Ubuntu 16 / centOS-7 Workshop

NOTE: This Workshop is for those that want to concentrate on Linux Certification and High Tech Hobbies by setting up a computer.

  • Juveniles that bring computer systems with 2 Gig of Ram will install Ubuntu 16 on their computers. Together we will finish the Installation process by installing centOS-7 inside an Oracle Virtual Box
  • Juveniles that bring a computer system with 4 Gig of Ram will Dual Boot Install Ubuntu 16 and centOS-7. Together we will split the Hard Drive.
  • After the Workshop Installations are completed we will give a Crash Course on keeping the new Linux Computers running smoothly while the Juveniles take their Linux Courses.
  • We will give out complete Links for online courses as well.
  • Juveniles that attend The Linux Workshop will be given Full Membership in the The Linux Workshop website.

NOTE: We don’t like the openSUSE distribution. It takes for ever to install so we are leaving that up to you when you get home. You can install openSUSE in an Oracle Virtual Box to get a feel of it. We believe the best place for you to start is with Ubuntu and centOS. CentOS (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) is the corporate world’s main Linux Enterprise Operating System.

What is needed for this Workshop?

We prefer our Workshop participants bring a computer system that meets the following requirements.
A Laptop: Avoid Intels (They seem to have been engineered to not run efficiently with Linux?)
A Laptop or Desktop

  • A 266 Ghz Dual Core or higher, A Working DVD Player / Burner, a working USB port, 2 gig + RAM (4 Gig for a centOS-7 Install), A Monitor, Mouse and Keyboard. Bring your Monitor Cable, and Both Power Cables.
  • Please bring a Mechanical Pencil with an eraser and Note taking Material!
  • Bring 4 (Four) DVD + R Blank Disks as well.
  • We have a speedway within 30 yards for drinks.

Extremely Important NOTE: Juveniles must bring their computer systems ready to install Linux. Consequently, The Linux Workshop CAN’T / WONT help individuals back up their files prior to the start of each workshop. The Time constraints will not allow for this.

NOTE: MSU Surplus has many complete used computer systems for sale. You can pick a complete system up for $100 to $200! They have several used laptops as well. those will run you $150 to $300.

The Godaddy / WordPress Workshop

NOTE: This Workshop is for those that are looking to develop Web-development skills.
1. We demonstrate My Godaddy Account (to present WordPress)

  • We explain Hosting Accounts
  • Then we explain the Nickel and Dime you to death Pricing
  • Finally we explain how to buy a Domain Name

2. Install the WordPress Applications

  • We build a complete Website (quickly)
  • We’ll make a Banner
  • Make some pages
  • Maybe make an article
  • Install some plugins
  • We will show some Plugin Troubleshooting methods
  • You will need a Internet Connection while you Self Teach

What is needed for this Workshop?

Workshop participants, please bring a Mechanical Pencil with an eraser and Note taking Material! Bring your laptop if you like.

Especially Noteworthy, We have a speedway within 30 yards for drinks.

You may say, “I don’t have a lot of $$$ or a computer system???

For those looking for a computer MSU Surplus sells the College’s used systems from $100 to $300! Hence, I am doing my best to help you overcome the major obstacles.
Go East on East Mt Hope off Cedar Str and continue to the MSU Credit Union on the North East corner of Farm Lane and turn left (North) at the light. Go ½ a mile or so and turn Left (West) on Green Way! Turn left into the MSU Surplus Center and have fun!

Tuesday: 7:30 am to 5:30 pm

Friday: 7:30 am – 3:30 pm

(517) 355-1723

Come On! Why should I switch to Linux?

The Benefits of running a Linux Operating System.

1. Superior Internet Security

  • There is no need for Anti Virus Software
  • You secure your personal work and hobbies with encryption
  • The Linux Operating Systems are Free

2. The vast majority of Linux Applications (Software) are FREE
3. You can develop a Marketable Skill in the Computer Industry by Self Teaching!
4. You can start working on those high tech hobbies you always wanted to do!

By participating in the Linux Workshop you will leave ready to start taking the Self Paced Introduction To Linux Course!

We invite you to do some research on Google for Certified Linux Administrators, in your area.
Please do some more research using a search phrase like, “Windows is better than Linux”! It wont take very long for you to start asking how is it possible that so few people know about Linux!
We will help you prepare your computer so you can start taking the self paced on-line Linux courses.

Come On! Why should I Attend The Linux Workshop?

The Linux Workshop is your best bet when it comes to overcoming a large portion of the issues associated with Linux. Furthermore, we encourage you to install Linux on that older system, on your own. Hense, once you begin to understand the issues associated with the Terminal, Updates, bugs (not Viruses) and so on, don’t give up.

Before you give up on Linux give us a call. I have funneled 2 years of Linux Experience into the 5 to 7 hours it takes to get through the The Linux Workshop.

The learning curve is unbelievable when it comes to Linux. To this day I have not found a simple, straight forward process that sets Linux up on our Computers. I believe I have overcome this issue!

Use Our Website Instead Of The Workshop

The Workshop For Linux is our Social Network for Linux Users. We help each other overcome issues! Members can view complete Linux installation videos instead of attending the workshop in person.
The Linux Workshop website requires a one time membership fee of $40. This one time membership fee grants members full access to the website, i.e., the distribution installation videos!
Those participating in The Linux Workshop should expect to spend 5 to 7 hours to set up their computer system with Linux!

The regular price for The Linux Workshop is $125.

Workshop Participants are automatically given full membership to
The Linux Workshop Booklet pdf’s are there for Members to print out as needed for their individual use!

Those attending the Linux Workshop can purchase The Linux Workshop Booklet for $15 during the Workshop Class!

In conclusion, Americans Connected Inc does not:
1. Allow our Representatives to collect Funds.
2. Authorize Fliers to be placed in Windshields.
3. Authorize Door To Door Soliciting.

We are here to help people learn Linux by setting up their computer with them! So do not hesitate to ask for a discount!









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Lansings Linux Workshop And Linux
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Lansings Linux Workshop And Linux
The Lansing Michigan Linux Workshop is presenting Linux. Linux is the foundation that computer operating systems like Ubuntu, centOS and openSUSE run on.
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