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The Linux Demonstration Videos Will Amaze You

The Linux Demonstration Videos Will Amaze You.

Linux Demonstration Videos make all the difference when it comes to understanding Linux. Furthermore, after you’ve watched our Linux Demonstration Videos Part 1 We hope to have peaked your curiosity to the point you are willing to start investigating Linux! Additionally, the Linux Demonstration Videos of The Linux Workshop will prove THREE Things to you!

*High Paying Jobs are still out there.

*High Tech Hobbies (like 2 and 3D Animation) can be done for FREE!

*Linux gives you the ability to help others find the American Dream.

There are a few simple things we can not do for you! I have made it clear I would prove to you that Linux is one avenue that still has the American Dream!

The problem with me proving this to you is I can tell you all day long that Certified Linux Administrator Entry Level Positions pay $17 on hour! Each employer is different when it comes to benefits! Consequently, if you don’t do a few Google Searches for “Certified Linux Administrator Jobs” in your area you will never get it!

I can tell you all day long the Linux Operating Systems, for 15 years have steadily increased in Market Shares. Android Phones are 62% of the Smart Phone Market! Google bought Android and it is Linux! Also, Android Tablets own a huge portion of the Markets as well!

Our Linux Demonstration Videos Prove Linux Is Skill$, Hobbie$ & $$$

Yes, Desktop Linux Operating Systems are only Two percent of the Markets. But even the Desktop Operating System Market Share have steadily increased year after year!

  1. If you don’t do some research on Google to verify my statements there is no proof I can offer you.

The Internet, Computer and Business Sector expects a 17% Linux Enterprise Operating System increase by 2017! This means Microsoft and MAC are steadily loosing Market Shares to Linux in every category!

  1. Again, if I can’t convince you to investigate my declarations, to verify or disprove them I will not be able to PROVE Linux is offering you the ability to write your own ticket, for success!

Please trust me on this, Microsoft and Apple are not going to rub you our because you research Linux and even convert your computer to a Linux Operating System!

Linux is here to stay!

So as you are reading this we thank you for joining The Linux Workshop!

We assure you that if you have a desire to be everything you want to be Linux can help you get there. We are offering to help you.

Some interesting points for you to consider.

*You can become a Certified Linux Administrator for under $800.

*Certified Linux Administrators can expect to make $17 + per hour in entry level positions.

*Linux is offering you the ability to prove you are worth what you think you are worth.

*Linux has all the software you need to turn high tech hobbies into completed projects or profitable business adventures.

*Even if Linux is not what you are looking for you have Family Members and Friends that would love the opportunity Linux offers! We ask you to send them to this website!

Linux Distributions And Software Is Free.

*Please let them know about The Linux Workshop.

We have put together these Linux Demonstration Videos. These videos are quite thorough and impressive when it comes to the promotion of Linux!

American’s Connected Inc believes the opportunities Offered through Linux and the Linux Repositories will be gone, for the most part in ten years. Time will tell. Consequently, at some point the ability to become a Linux Certified Administrator will most likely be done through the colleges. At this point they will price this opportunity out of the reach of the Average American!

What Do You Need To Do?

As you are a free member of The Linux Workshop now we can help you set up your computer by granting you access to the “Linux Distribution Videos” Page found in the “Complete Linux Installation Videos” Page Tab.

Unfortunately you will have to send us a One Time Membership fee of $40 for the Password to access the “Linux Distribution Videos” Page.

I can not express the importance of having someone help you set up your computer system properly! These Installation Videos will save you untold hours of frustration of attempting to set up your computer using the on-line Google Search and Forum Help!

I would have paid $150 for membership to a site like this after my first few failed attempts at setting up a computer with Ubuntu, centOS and openSUSE!

Also, I must stress this as well. You will need Virtualboxes! Our installation Videos walk you through the process of setting those up as well!

Here’s a thought, Linux Can Change Your Life!

We are all aware that the vast majority of the Corporations are doing everything in their power to acquire the maximum amount of profit from you and me! Seriously, is there any doubt when it comes to the computer and software industries?

Then, for decades Linux has been quietly sitting in the background with a treasure called Open Source!

We have 60% or more of the corporations charging us the maximum price for Computer Technologies and software. In some cases they have priced the average consumer out of the game! One such area is Animation!

You will pay $300 plus for Anime Studio Pro, which isn’t bad. But it has limitations, like lip syncing! After that animation software rises to $300 a month (to rent) to $5,000 to purchase!

I mentioned Linux and a Treasure called Open Source. There has been a group of people trying to get the word out when it comes to Linux. Additionally, there has been another (smaller) group of powerful people that seems to believe people in general have a right to be given the chance to see what they can accomplish! Hence, this is exactly what Linux has offered every citizen of the world.

The Linux Demonstration Videos I’m asking you to watch will show you Linux and the Software found in the Ubuntu Software Center, and 99% of it is free

In conclusion, Americans Connected Inc’s, The Linux Workshop is not affiliated with Linux, The Linux Foundation or any of the Operating System Distribution Providers!



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The Linux Demonstration Videos Prove Linux Is Skill$, Hobbie$ & $$$
Article Name
The Linux Demonstration Videos Prove Linux Is Skill$, Hobbie$ & $$$
After you've watched our Linux Demonstration Videos Part I we hope to have peaked your curiosity to the point you are willing to start investigating Linux!
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