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The Linux Workshop Will Guide You!

Americans Connected Inc’s The Linux Workshop website is primarily for Americans looking to develop Marketable Skills. As a result, the huge costs associated with College and Trade Schools isn’t needed. The videos in the slider provide a nice summary of The Linux Workshop and our Goals. Trust us, Linux has something to offer everyone!

Whether you are looking to do that High Tech Hobby or start a new career, Linux is the key!


The video in the right column lays out the truth of Employment in America! The so-called “Living Wage” argument kinda falls apart when we take a look at reality.

Please visit the Products Page to get a bigger picture of what The Linux Workshop is offering you.

We have complete video tutorials. Go to the Linux Distribution Videos Page! These videos will walk you through the complete process of setting up your computer. This way you can begin the process of teaching themselves Linux. This is the first step to becoming a Certified Linux Administrator. In order to access these videos, people must pay a one-time membership fee. You can find the Paypal button in the right column. You can also CLICK the “High Paying Jobs …” page Tab! We may have a special Discount Price on the page!

We have a Linux Workshop Forum that is designed to give real-time solutions for Linux users having issues with their Ubuntu or centOS-7 distribution. It seems like 8 out of every ten times I’ve needed help with serious issues the forums and Google search results produced 8-year-old solutions. Furthermore, (many of those) those trying to help others are so condescending. I can handle people presenting themselves as better than me if they are actually trying to help. But more times than not the forums answers have us enter command lines that completely screw things up! Therefore, because of this issue, I included the Workshop Forum for those of us that understand Linux is awesome and want to help others. I hope we all understand that we have to promote all aspects of Linux properly!

The Linux Workshop Website Welcomes and thanks you for visiting

Those that subscribe to the one-time membership fee will be given full access to the Linux Distribution Videos Page. Those that purchase the Linux Booklet will be granted full access to the Linux Workshop Forum and Groups.

I would like to offer others the opportunity to take part in the administration and promotion of the Linux Workshop Website (s). Therefore, if you understand the full potential of Linux and would like to help us promote Linux please do not hesitate to contact us!

Finally, I am the current face for Americans Connected Inc and as such the videos explain everything I need to say. Furthermore, I have absolutely no problem with others making videos for this website! Make some higher quality videos to replace mine with and I will make you famous!

Americans Connected

Kurt Schanaman Linux Mint 16

Kurt Schanaman Linux Mint 16. Linux is for everyone!


In conclusion, Thank you for visiting The Linux Workshop! Please join and help us promote Linux!



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The Linux Workshop Website Welcomes and thanks you for visiting
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The Linux Workshop Website Welcomes and thanks you for visiting
The Linux Workshop has an office in Lansing Michigan where we walk individuals through a complete Linux Installation on their Computer System!
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