Online Free Support Is A Hassle

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Online Free Support Is A Good Place To Start

Online Free Support Is A Good Place To Start

Online Free Support is a contradiction in terms! Every Linux Book that I have starts off with “A Previous Knowledge Of Linux Is Not Needed”. So now I’m thinking Great, this book (or online Linux course) is going to allow me to teach myself Linux. Ya, right! Then before I get to the 3rd page of the Book I’m already lost! Simple little things like the command to type in the terminal is given. They leave off the SUDO because they assume I understood that I have to type “SUDO space” before the Command line input!

They say, “In the command line terminal type (dist-upgrade)”. I try this over and over and never quite figure out why “dist-upgrade” never works! Well, for a book the doesn’t require a previous knowledge of Linux they should have said, “type (sudo apt-get dist-upgrade)”! So error after error pops up in the terminal. This is because I clearly needed a working knowledge of Linux to use the book that claims I didn’t.

That’s fine, then I come across the Linux, Ubuntu, centOS and other Free on-line support forums and groups. They start off with, “Search the Forums for your issue”, and remember, this is online free support. Then when you look at the Ubuntu forum you find issue after issue that doesn’t quite seem like the same problem you are having. Needless to say, you present the Linux Community with the problem you are having. They immediately tell you this question was solved in a previous forum question.

The Linux Community help forums seem pretty impressive because, generally speaking all you need to do is a Google Search for your issue. Then just follow the links until you find a forum that deals with your problem. Sounds great on paper until you conclude that last Command line input really messed things up and you now need to do a complete re-installation of your Linux Distribution.

The next major issue I found with the on-line Free support is there are far more condescending twits than people wanting to help you. They may or may not be giving you the right answer and they start of with statements that try to make you feel like an idiot.

Onine Free Support Can Mess You Up!

The next problem I’ve encountered, several times is the person claiming to be helping me is giving me answers that require changing stuff in the terminal. I have had to reload my Linux Distribution several times because these people are giving out advanced Administration solutions. Redoing your Ubuntu installation is fine if you don’t have your Windows XP Virtual Box installed.

What’s the most frustrating On-Line Free support help I have come across? Oh ya, I have had to re-install my operating system more than once for this one as well. I make the mistake of going forward with a fix that seems good, and only after I’ve completed the fix do I realize the solution was posted 8 years ago!

What’s another awesome statement several Linux users have said to me. Now this one is not a simple issue to explain. A Linux User must experience this one to understand it fully. The people that are experts at Linux will tell us newbs that All the Operating Systems are basically the same, in the terminal! I now get it and I guess I kinda agree???

The Online Free Support Is Going To Frustrate You

“Yum Update”, and “sudo apt-get update” and “zypper update” are not basically the same!

Consequently, this brings us to the next issue. The Linux Foundation want people to study Ubuntu, openSUSE, and centOS at the same time. Needless to say their logic seems good but this approach over-loads the brain. As a result, The Linux Workshop has decided we are going to promote Ubuntu and centOS only. Ubuntu for those wanting to do High Tech hobbies like Animation and centOS for those wanting to become certified Linux Administrators.

I believe these are the major factors that has contributed to people giving up on Linux. We are going to try and turn this around, starting in 3, 2 and 1, NOW!


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Online Free Support Is A Hassle
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Online Free Support Is A Hassle
What's the most frustrating OnLine Free support help I have come across? I have had to re-install my operating system more than once for this one as well
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