Six Hundred Sixty Six Is The Riddles Answer


Six Hundred Sixty Six Must Be Calculated Out

Six Hundred Sixty Six has some deeper understanding that is needed. In the original text the Number of a MAN is:

1. Chi (22) Xi (14) Stigma (5.5: a Mark of ownership between 5 and 6)

2. Chi (22) Xi (14) Stigma (5.5: a Mark of ownership between 5 and 6)

3. Chi (22) Xi (14) Stigma (5.5: a Mark of ownership between 5 and 6)

4. Chi (22) Xi (14) Stigma (5.5: a Mark of ownership between 5 and 6)

In the original text of the Bible the number of a man is not SIX (HEX) HUNDRED (HEXATON) and THREESCORE (sixty) (HEXEKONTA) and SIX (HEX).

When America’s preachers get on Television and confirm what America’s (or Britain’s) President declares to the World, the Final stages of the Falling Away will occur.

The Political and Religious Leaders are going to proclaim something like the following, “Basically 666 is not in the original text, and as such we are not asking the World to take the Mark Of The Beast. The original text is cryptic, but it definitely does not state that 666 is the number of a man. We do not know what the number of a man is, but it is not Six Hundred And Sixty Six.”

They will continue, “The Credit / Debit Card and the Computer Chip each person is being asked to receive is simply to control and ration food and water until this World Wide Crisis has passed. With Computer technology the World Government will be able to ensure the safety of the World’s Citizens. Do to the threat of biological warfare each citizen’s Credit / Debit card and Computer Chip will inform all public and government establishments that each citizen in their establishment has received their proper VACCINATIONS, and that they are not a threat to any one.”

They will continue, “We all are serving the Universal God, and as such we must do what is necessary for the good of the whole.”

What is the number of his name???

I have been starring at, and pondering what the number of his name could be. John has clearly told us that there are three parts to taking complete control of the population of the world. If we have to we humans can do without cars, modern medical techniques, and even television. But we can’t do without Food and Water.

Isn’t it interesting that the first sin was over FOOD. The First Male and Eve ate from the forbidden tree when there was absolutely no reason to. The LAST Sin Mankind will commit will be done for Survival (for FOOD).

The New World Order will control the majority of Earth’s population with the following THREE things:

1. The Mark Of The Beast: The RFID Chip

2. The Name Of The Beast: A National ID Card with a Machine Readable Device that assigns a Global ID???

3. The Number Of His Name. (haven’t figured out this one yet).

The Image of the First Beast that the Second Beast sets up will be something that is directly hooked into the World Wide Web (The Internet), and thus every home that is hooked into the Internet will be a part of the NEW WORLD ORDER. Computer Technology is the tool that will bring it all together.

The Number of a man is:

1. Chi (22) Xi (14) Stigma (5.5: a Mark of ownership between 5 and 6)

2. Chi (22) Xi (14) Stigma (5.5: a Mark of ownership between 5 and 6)

3. Chi (22) Xi (14) Stigma (5.5: a Mark of ownership between 5 and 6)

4. Chi (22) Xi (14) Stigma (5.5: a Mark of ownership between 5 and 6)

Rev 13:18

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

5585. psephizo, psay-fid’-zo; from G5586; to use pebbles in enumeration, i.e. (gen.) to compute:–count.

5586. psephos, psay’-fos; from the same as G5584; a pebble (as worn smooth by handling), i.e. (by impl. of use as a counter or ballot) a verdict (of acquittal) or ticket (of admission); a vote:–stone, voice.

5584. pselaphao, psay-laf-ah’-o; from the base of G5567 (comp. G5586); to manipulate, i.e. verify by contact; fig. to search for:–feel after, handle, touch.

5567. psallo, psal’-lo; prob. strengthened from psao (to rub or touch the surface; comp. G5597); to twitch or twang, i.e. to play on a stringed instrument (celebrate the divine worship with music and accompanying odes):–make melody, sing (psalms).

5597. psocho, pso’-kho; prol. from the same base as G5567; to triturate, i.e. (by anal.) to rub out (kernels from husks with the fingers or hand):–rub.

If we are to figure out the number of a Man then we have got to COUNT (compute / use pebbles in enumeration) the number of the BEAST. Or in other words we have got to figure out the RIDDLE John gave the World.

The Greek word ‘STIGMA’ holds a numeric value intermediate between the H5th and H6th Greek Letters. So for simplicity’s sake I gave ‘STIGMA’ a value of 5.5. The following formula, based on the Strong’s Concordance is what I came up with.

Chi (22) + Xi (14) + Stigma (5.5) = 41.5

Chi (22) + Xi (14) + Stigma (5.5) = 41.5

Chi (22) + Xi (14) + Stigma (5.5) = 41.5

Chi (22) + Xi (14) + Stigma (5.5) = 41.5

………88 …+… 56 …….+…….. 22… = 166

88 + 56 + + 22 = 166 X 4 = 664

I simply added across and up and down, and the across again. Then, because of the Strong’s Concordance I multiplied 166 times 4: coming up with 664.

The reason I multiplied 166 times 4 is because John said ‘Chi Xi Stigma’ FOUR Times.

But as you can see I did not come up with 666.

Then I changed the value of ‘STIGMA’ to 5.625, which still complies with the numeric value intermediate between the H5th and H6th Letters. But now it is leaning a little closer to the number 6. I took this to mean that the Mark Of The Beast will be more Earthly than Spiritual (Heavenly), but still the link that brings both realms together: Hence, Computer Technology and Computer Chips.

Chi (22) + Xi (14) + Stigma (5.625)=41.625

Chi (22) + Xi (14) + Stigma (5.625)=41.625 166.5 X 4 = Six Hundred And Sixty Six

Chi (22) + Xi (14) +Stigma (5.625)=41.625

Chi (22) + Xi (14) + Stigma (5.625)=41.625

……..88 ….+… 56 ………+……. 22.5 …=.. 166

88 + 56 + + 22.5 = 166 X 4 = 664

Then as before I added across and up and down, and then across again. Then I multiplied 166.5 times 4, coming up with Six Hundred And Sixty Six.

OK then. A formula was given to me which clearly does make the Mark of the Beast six hundred sixty six. But you could add 166.5 plus 166.5 (Up and Down), coming up with 333. But for some reason all the translations of the Bible (except for one: 616) translate ‘Chi Xi Stigma’ as Six Hundred And Sixty Six.

I have seen many theories from the Scriptures showing six hundred sixty six is Biblically the Mark Of The Beast, but they never come out with a definitive statement from the Bible. Then I was given these verses.

Ezra 2:13 The children of Adonikam, six hundred sixty six.

It seems to me that Nehemiah took SIN back to Jerusalem in the form of God’s People. If this is the case then Sin literally took part in the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s WALLS, which could be why Jerusalem was condemned to Fall again and again.

II Chr 9:13

Now the weight of gold that came to Solomon in one year was six hundred and threescore and six ( Six Hundred Sixty Six) talents of gold;

The year that Solomon raped the people (of Israel) of Six Hundred Sixty Six talents of Gold ($2.5 million) shown that he was now a type of the Anti – Christ. 700 wives and 300 concubines demonstrate that he was no longer operating in the gift of Wisdom given to him by God. The fact that he erected Pagan Temples in the land for his foreign wives indicates he had become a Son Of Perdition.

The book of Ecclesiastes is evidence of the Grace and Mercy of the Lord God in that Solomon tried all that could be tried under the sun, and he still found that all is vanity of vanities, illustrating that he found forgiveness upon Repentance.???

Now then, the next problem that I encountered was trying to find something in writing which declared the TRUE value of ‘STIGMA’. I was totally unable to find any information concerning ‘Chi Xi Stigma’, and ‘Stigma’s’ Numeric Value. While looking on the Internet I did find several sights which new that 666 is not in the original text, but none seemed to be concerned about ‘Stigma’s’ value. So I tried every pastor I could find, and after 15 of them, or so, showed me they couldn’t even comprehend what I was asking, I gave up on the leadership of the Church also. I tried the Christian book stores and all I found there was books that were teaching as fact total lies, when it comes to six hundred sixty six (Chi Xi Stigma). I went to a Bible College and talked to their Greek Professor, who promptly demonstrated that he had no idea what ‘Stigma’s’ Numeric value was, little own what ‘Stigma’ was, is, and will be.

I am convinced that America’s Publishers (the big ones) have, for a century, completely refused to print the TRUTH about ‘Chi Xi Stigma’. There is another possibility. I found things that all the great theologians seemed to have missed for centuries, which I find highly unlikely.

In conclusion of this thought,

The Mark Of The Beast Is Six Hundred Sixty Six.

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Six Hundred Sixty Six Must Be Calculated Out. Six Hundred Sixty Six has some deeper understanding that is needed. In the original text the Number of a MAN is:
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