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    Bible Prophecy And Calculating Future Events

    Many Bible Prophecy Experts teach that Prophecy is based on the Babylonian 360 day year. It’s almost as if they actually believe the Babylonians went year after year with a calendar system that was 5.242199 days short of a solar year!

    The solar year is 365.242199 days and within ten years the Babylonian Calendar would be 52.5 days short and the Babylonians would be planting their crops toward the end of winter.

    Its not very complicated to develop a Calendar System that adjusts the 360 Babylonian Yaer so as to keep it in line with the Solar Year. This adjustment to the Babylonian Year would work year after year for thousands of years!

    The Jewish Metonic Calendar is based on the Lunar (Synodic) Year. In a over simplistic explanation, every three years they add a Lunar Month to the Lunar Year and this keeps the 354.367056 day year in line with the Solar Year.

    With this said would it make much sense to claim the Jewish People use a 354 day year when the year is 365 days? No it wouldn’t make sense!

    So in comes the Bible Prophecy expert calculating future Biblical events using a Year that is 5.242199 days short!

    If we are going to calculate Prophetic dates it seems to me we need to determine the Biblical Year. I believe Noah’s Flood give us the True Biblical Year of 354 days! But it would be a massive mistake to assume 354 days is the number Moses and the Levites (Priests) used to determine time!

    I believe they used 29.530 59 days for the Lunar Month. NASA has the Lunar Month set at 29.530 588 days.

    Simply multiplying the 29.530 59 month X 12 months gives us 354.367708 days. NASA gives us a Lunar Year of 354.367056 days and I believe this difference can be properly explained without discrediting Moses in any way!

    Once we actually determine Prophetic Events we would like to calculate the future dates of we need to determine if the Biblical Passage is based on the Lunar, Solar or Sidereal Year. And yes, Daniel may very well have used the Babylonian Year so we must keep that in mind if we are calculating out Daniel’s 70 weeks!

    Basically I’m saying the vast majority of the Christian Bible Prophecy experts are using the wrong Calendar Systems to calculate their dates!

    Input for others would be awesome!

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