About Us And The Mission Of The Whole Bible

Some Information About Us And The Whole Bible

The Whole Bible is awesome, and we have to do what is necessary to help people understand this fact! As way to many of us are fond of pointing out that all the Christian Ministries are only out to make we are pointing out, with some humor and respect that this is exactly what we are up to.

The Whole Bible Causes The Happy Life

The Whole Bible Causes The Happy Life

We can not maintain The Whole Bible and the Plant A New Crop Forum without a For Profit Business Structure!

We have set out to help people in as many areas of life as possible!

This website, The Whole Bible is directly related to the Plant A New Crop Forum. These two website present the Bible in a unique light and allow you, the student of the Bible to study the Bible in such a way that will bring far more Biblical Understanding than any other system. You do our Bible Study 100% on your own. This is the key. The responsibility for studying the Bible is placed right where it belongs, in your hands!

We must address the issue of selling the Gospel in this manner and get it behind us. Some will quote Yehoshua by saying, Freely you received, freely give! Well, once again, I have not freely received. In fact, I have spent my retirement getting the so called Gospel out, this far!

I’m presenting the Whole Bible with Linux and Open Source

I need to differentiate between what I’m attempting to do when it comes to the Gospel! TBN and TCT present the Love of Jesus! I’m not going against that. I am not presenting the Bible in that manner either! My goal is to present people with Bible study material that go hand in hand with (kinda) TBN’s Gospel Message, minus the prosperity message. Again, I have to clarify that statement. There are to many variables, and we all know some are rich, some are middle class and some are poor, in every culture. I’m not trying to convince others what they should be when it comes to prosperity, and even health.

I trust those that look at our offers will understand and agree we are asking reasonable prices!

Another awesome Product/Service we offer can be found at The Linux Workshop! We are doing everything in our power to help individuals and Christian Groups to understand the awesome potential Linux has to offer!

Linux is sorta like MSdos and Ubuntu is the operating system that rides on top of the Linux Kernel! Windows 95 and XP rode on top of Msdos.

The Whole Bible and Linux go hand in hand

Certified Linux Administrators earn $60,000 to $100,000 a year! This earning potential can literally be done at home for under $800. I believe I have figured out a way to do it for under $300, but I am not ready to put that out (here) yet!

Linux is also awesome because thousands and thousands of software applications are FREE! This means you and every one you know can actually begin High Tech Hobbies like 2 and 3D Animations! You can make Videos, Music and even take up Astronomy, absolutely FREE!

We have also put together a method for Mom-And-Pop Shops and Churches that overcomes the insane Advertising and Marketing Costs! Our website also overcomes the insanity of Search Engine Optimization (in a way?) and those insane costs!

Michigan Connect is the website that solves Advertising and Marketing costs!

All of these operations fall under Americans Connected Inc!

Additionally, we are attempting to offer people real products/services, for profit without the residual income business model!

In Conclusion, the Whole Bible is a Fully Functional Social Network with Individual Profile sections that User Accounts will contain Private or Public Information individual members choose to offer.

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Some Information About Us And The Whole Bible
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Some Information About Us And The Whole Bible
The Whole Bible is awesome and we have to do what is necessary to help people understand this fact! As way to many of us are fond of pointing out
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Americans Connected Inc
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